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More than Home Furnishings

Furniture Source | 01 Aug, 2019 | FSI News | Return|

While furniture is at the forefront of our name, our business is much more than just selling beds and tables. We offer a range of products for the whole home:  housewares, gifts, and accessories made and found from around the world. Our desire is for anyone who steps into our showroom to walk away with something that gives them excitement and pride. Whether it spoke to them aesthetically, reminded them of a loved one, or was the missing component to complete a room in their home, we have something for everyone.

Walking around our showroom can be similar to a treasure hunt. The thrill of the hunt is enjoyable for so many who love to peruse, and our team is no different. A large reason for the unique shopping experience can be attributed to our personal hunt for the wares we offer. Lead by our mother, we seek accessories and accents that can tell a unique story and create an interesting space. Having a trained and acute eye for laying and creating a space, the showroom our mother creates will inspire you to use and place items in the home in an innovative way.

While we do offer found objects and one of a kind pieces, everything we sell has been carefully selected for our showroom. Our own tastes can be seen in everything we choose, which gives our store it’s unique design perspective. We feel the excitement of our customers and listen to their needs as they shop for a particular something. It is so meaningful to us when our customers understand our vision for by layering finishes, textures, and reclaimed items in with the new.  The depth and character brought to a space by thoughtfully mixing styles and materials drives our own purchases and plans for the company.

In addition to decorative items, pillows, candles, an extensive collection of gifts and barware, you will see evidence of a second business we ventured upon over a decade ago. As a result of our extensive time spent in Mexico and a taste for quality, clean tequila, our family started, Puro Verde Organic Tequila. We pride ourselves on its complex flavor and clean finish and the traditional and sustainable way in which produce it. Every step of the way, we have committed to integrity in producing our tequila, from organic farming, to double distilling, to using triple filtered estate sourced well water, we use the best ingredients and the best methods to create the best-tasting tequila on the shelves and in our cabinets!

Stop in for a new surprise with every visit. See what you can find to add to your own home, office, or that of someone you love. Come see us today at our retail furniture showroom in College Station, Texas!