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How to Style the Perfect Guest Room

Opening your home to others, whether family or friends, is an opportunity to make them feel warm and welcome. When opening your home for others to stay, that opportunity stretches in different ways. With holidays approaching and more people wanting to connect after long periods of time apart, our team at Furniture Source International predicts that there will be overnight guests for many in our community. Making this time extra special, by styling the perfect guest room, is something we can help with.

Perfect Set Up

Your first step will be making sure the set up for your guest bedroom is functional and inviting. Outside of making sure there is a bed for your guests to sleep in, you may want to consider other needs they may have. Will a side chair or bench help for putting on shoes or sitting for a period of time? Will your guests need to work remotely while they are in meaning a small desk could be helpful? Is one of our hutches that can function as both a storage place for clothing and a spot for a TV something you have room for? While you want to make sure your guests have everything they need, make sure not to clutter the room. Consider the size of the space and what works for you.

New Sheets

Having a luxurious place to rest at night is important for your guests, and for you as well. If your sheets have holes, stains, or are visibly worn out, you may want to replace them. Designate a set just for your guest room so you always know where they are, especially if last minute guests are a possibility. It can also help to have an extra pillow or two tucked away in the closet or storage. Guests may use additional pillows for sleeping and are thankful when some are available. Don’t forget the extra pillowcases for those, too.

Calming Colors

The colors you choose for the room, from paint color to linens to décor, will set the tone for your guest space. Darker colors can create a relaxing and warm environment for people to settle into at night. If you like patterns, limit them to a throw pillow or piece of art that serves as an accent. While the guest room is absolutely part of your home and you should style it accordingly, you may want subtle touches in a space designated for guests.


There are many different ways you can make guests feel more at home with little additions. Adding small décor that is seasonal, like a fall wreath on the door or a spring floral arrangement on the side table, will bring a smile to the faces of your guests. Cooler nights may warrant an extra blanket being draped across the foot of the bed. Arranging a few back up toiletries or snacks in a bowl or tray from our showroom floor can help them feel extra welcome. Don’t forget to light one of our hand poured candles just before they arrive for a full sensory experience.

If you need a few of these extra touches or need to completely outfit a guest room, come visit our showroom. Our Furniture Source International team can help show you multiple options, all carefully procured and selected for their quality and style. To learn more, contact us today.