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Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Whether your mom is the one who gave birth to you, adopted you, or made the choice to walk alongside you for all your biggest milestones, the moms in our life deserve an awful lot. And while moms would love to give their kids the world, you can show mom a little token of your own admiration and affection this weekend. Even if you already have a plan for Mother’s Day, you can swing by Furniture Source International to pick up a little something extra or grab a few gifts to surprise her over the weeks to come.

The Gift of Rest

There is a reason the saying is “A woman’s work is never done.” Moms do a full range of tasks each day and wear a number of hats to help us function each day. When the work is done, your mom needs the rest so she can replenish and have a little time to herself. If she needs it, we have a number of beds to choose from, in a variety of styles to give her a sanctuary each night. If an entire bed isn’t needed, new sheets, throw pillows in her favorite colors, or blankets could be an option to bring a smile to her face as she flits in and out of her room each day. A nightstand next to the bed may be the perfect place for her favorite book, a cup of tea, and a lamp for winding down at night or gearing up in the morning. A bench at the foot of the bed or tucked away in the bedroom or en-suite bathroom would suit her well for putting on her heels, running shoes, or boots.

The Gift of Time

Most moms wish for more time with those they love and care for. By choosing a gift that will facilitate time together, you can present your mom with the perfect opportunity. If your mom loves to spend time outside, consider a new patio set or fire pit for evenings gathered together. For the mom that enjoys big family evenings together, a larger dining room table for Sunday dinner or an Italian leather couch for movie night would be ideal. Even a new chair to supplement her already perfect living room set would be a good option for her when she wants to be with family but needs a little bit of her own space. If her patio and dining room are already furnished with the larger pieces, consider a new serving dish, kitchen towels, or bar glasses to make every meal stand out for more than her delicious cooking.

The Gift of Senses

Moms love to make moments extra special and part of that is awakening every sense they can. You can give a gift back to your mom by thinking of all the ways Furniture Source International can bring her senses to life. Our hand-poured candles come in a variety of scents and are perfect for when she binges her favorite Netflix show or gets to settle in for a long bath. We have an assortment of tapenades and other appetizer items if you want to choose a basket or gift box style approach. These can look great nestled in a gorgeous set of napkins with a few found objects that are sure to bring a smile to the mom you love.

If you need help choosing the perfect gift for your mom, come see us at Furniture Source International. We love our own moms and many of us are moms ourselves who would delight in helping you find a token of your own gratitude. We are sure to help you today.