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From Showroom to Your Room: Bedroom

Furniture Source | 16 Oct, 2019 | Return|

At our High Point Market wholesale showroom, our focus at Furniture Source International is to show the versatility each of our unique and one of a kind pieces and how they can be best utilized and displayed in a store and ultimately, a home. Rather than thinking about certain types of pieces only working in specific rooms of the house, we want the design, function, and utility of a piece to be compatible with multiple areas of the home. Granted, there are certain items, like a bed or a dining room table, which may only serve to move around a few select places, many other pieces, both large and small can be adapted to serve your family for years to come. The bedroom is an imperative place to start seeing as Americans spend, on average, approximately 36 years of their lives in bed, according to research by the New York Post.

Bedroom Storage

Few homeowners are satisfied with the amount of storage they have in any room of their house, including the bedroom. Our showroom has many options to help provide the utility of extra storage, but in a truly thoughtful, handcrafted, and beautiful way. For larger rooms, an armoire could be perfectly matched between needs and aesthetics. From hiding a television or other electronic components to adding valuable closet type space, an armoire fits the bill in it’s very nature for storage. The vast number of armoires we have on hand ensures you can take home a piece that speaks to you and will be passed along for decades to come. The craftsmanship that is seen in each piece is evident from the back to the front, from the inside, out, from the overall vision to the smallest details imaginable. The options are not limited to our armoires though: benches, small cabinets, sideboards, and dressers are additional choices found on our showroom floor each day.

Bedroom Seating

While bedroom seating may not be an option based on the footprint of your actual room, in larger suites, seating is appealing. Having a place to don and doff shoes, to read, to enjoy small moments, or even, in cases where a table is also fitting, to write or do short spurts of work, proves the benefit of seating in your bedroom. FSI has a plethora of seating, ranging in scale, from couches to arm chairs, gliders, recliners and benches and small tables to accommodate them. Each of these items provides their own benefits and each possesses charm and character to compliment and enhance your room. Additionally, seating can be fully customizable, allowing for you to mix and match certain qualities you see in the pieces we already carry.

Bedroom Accents

An obvious choice to provide the finishing touches on your bedroom would be suggesting our candles, but we may overemphasize their use throughout your home to provide warmth and a wonderful aroma. Our candles are hand poured and provide a flicker of both light and appealing scents in any room they are lit in. Wooden trays frequently used in dining settings can be repurposed into a catch all on top of a dresser, coffee table or to continue their use for dining in the case of a leisurely cup of morning coffee or tea on the weekend. Throw pillows are always an effortless way to bring a new color or pattern into a room you love but could use a fresh approach. Further, we have a number of framed art pieces and handcrafted lighting frames to add new details to your bedroom.

If you do need a new bed for your home, especially considering, in the same New York Post study, “three in four Americans (75 percent) actually think their bed could stand to be more comfortable than it is”, step into our showroom to see if your needs can be met by what we carry. Your sleep and comfort is essential, but we hope to make the pieces, like your bed, unique and beautiful, too.

The suggestions here are just a scratch on the surface of how our showroom can provide the inspiration to revamp and rejuvenate any room in your home, including your bedroom. Come visit our Wellborn Road location and wander around to find your next piece or ask one of our wonderful team members for their help, today.