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When Furniture Source International says your home should be a reflection of you, your tastes, your comfort, and the way you want to live, we mean the entire home, including the bathroom. Beyond towels and rugs, most homeowners don’t think of the bathroom as a place to set aside for design, but there are a number of ways you can improve the function and the look of each bathroom in your home.

1. Unique objects – We love the unique objects we scatter throughout our showroom floor, for any room of the house. By selecting one of these objects for a shelf, the top of a cabinet, or on a piece of furniture, you will provide texture and interest within this space. Based on your space, we offer small functional items, such as soap dishes or larger decorate pieces, like trays or vases for display. There are plenty of choices to stack or place.

2. Storage – Some larger restrooms are in need of an extra piece of furniture. By choosing an end table with storage or a small hutch or console, you can not only bring a design element to your bathroom, but you can provide what is probably much needed storage. Extra towels, consumables, and clothes can all be stored in this space, keeping your bathroom counters clear and your entire area looking clean.

3. Containers – There are always small odds and ends that need a home in our bathrooms. Cotton swaps, hair accessories, extra soaps, and more could use containers as a home or to be accessible when we need it. Having a designated space for these items makes it more likely we will put them where they belong and will make it more likely we will find what we need when we need it. The possibilities are endless, you can choose all the same containers, coordinating containers, or containers of different sizes, depending on your needs and the look you are trying to create.

4. Rugs – A rug is perfect for keeping toes nice and warm and to bring a pop of color to your floors. We have a number of rugs to choose from, with a variety of colors and patterns, all of supreme quality. These colors are saturated to bring brilliance to your bathroom and will be a comfortable place for your bare feet as you get ready or wind down each day.

5. Walls – Don’t forget the walls when you are looking to finish out the design of your bathroom. Too often we see mirrors over the sinks and consider the vertical decorating done. Selecting a art, with an eye for the size of the wall space available, will allow you to make the bathroom feel complete and more put together.

6. Lighting – If you really want the space where you get ready and relax to pop, you can add an interesting pendant light fixture. We have a number of light fixtures that your favorite electrician can help you wire and install, completing your bathroom design.

Our team at Furniture Source International can help you walk the showroom floor and pick a few pieces to begin your bathroom design today. Come in with a list of needs and a color option or two and begin making your bathroom into your new favorite room of the house. Come see us or contact us, today.