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Bringing the International Into Your Home: Inspiration

Buildings are abandoned for multiple reasons. Maybe a business moved for prospects elsewhere. Maybe the community was struggling and homes had to consolidate. Maybe natural disaster forced change. The sun scorches the wood, transforming the shape and density. The wind passes by the wood, transforming the texture and feel. The rain beats down on the wood, changing the colors and hues. Through years and decades, structures can stand, becoming an afterthought to people who pass by each day.


            Until FSI comes along.


            With care, we remove wood from the buildings, excited about the layers of paint, the natural weathering, and the marks of time left behind by former owners and circumstances. With purpose, we clear the property, hopeful that a clean slate will allow the land to have a new role in the community. With awareness, we treat the wood, baking it so no chemicals are left in the wood and none are added in our processes. With honor, we present our idea and the reclaimed wood, eager to see how our vision pairs with the talent of artisanal craftsmen who leave their own unique mark on each item made.  From rustic and forgotten wood, a polished and refined piece is created, one with details and finishes not seen largely on the market. No detail is too small in our design and we strive to balance aesthetics with utility in the smallest elements of our furniture. Notches and joints replace quick assembly and solid wood replaces laminate coverings. We look for the marks and fingerprints left by time to choose where every board should go. We pair hand-crafted hardware to finish doors and drawers. Even the interiors of pieces are designed thoughtfully, furniture is rarely limited to exterior usage only, thus interior appearances are important in our design.


            We see a renewed purpose for buildings left behind and feel a commitment to transforming the landscape, both literally and in the way furniture is created and used. Ideas are found everywhere, and armed with a clipping from a magazine or a sketch for a new design, we look at old buildings in Mexico as potential. In fact, as these buildings are standing, waiting for us to come along, we are looking for inspiration. A family weekend with a stop in an antique store may spur a new concept for trim work on a console. A trip to the movies may be quickly followed by an Internet search for screen shots of a dining room table we want to investigate more. A wait at the doctor, with magazines at our fingertips, may provide a concept for using materials in new ways. We pull ideas everywhere we go, but always put our own touch on what we build, recycling even existing designs to make them fresh.


            Our wood furniture isn’t the only furniture we create. Our leather furniture is made in partnership with groups in Italy who have been making leather, from single hides, for decades. We create custom pieces, adapting to the tastes and sizes needed by our clients. Requests for fabric or leather upholstery or wooden case pieces, assists our team in seeing where the gaps are in our own design plans. Our clients have a story they wish to tell with the pieces they design or customize. We love to see the stories of the raw materials and the furniture’s creation pair with how it will be treasured for generations to come. We also source materials from a variety of wood types and locations, not merely reclaimed from buildings.


            Our true desire at FSI is to have something for everyone, whether it be large or small, an heirloom or gift, or international or locally inspired. We would love for you to stop by, to see our showroom, and to learn a little about the varied stories each of our pieces carry with them. If you have a specific need in mind, and would like to “claim” any type of wood or material we use, please contact us today.