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Brand Spotlight: O.W. Lee

Maybe it is our memories of childhood and long evenings spent running around outside. Maybe it is our current love for entertaining outdoors, pouring one more drink and finishing up one last conversation before friends and family head home. Maybe it is the fact that even though August and September make us feel like we may wilt away, the other months of the year can be truly comfortable for time outdoors. Regardless, we are thrilled when helping our friends and family outfit their patios and porches with seating areas, fire pits, and other pieces to make the outside of their homes just as functional, luxurious and beautiful as the inside.

Newest Patio Line

Our Furniture Source International team is always on the search for new and old items to carry, to draw inspiration from, and to use as a muse for what we might build next. We also love to partner with our customers to make something custom for them. When we hear a brand repeatedly inquired about and suggested, our heads turn. With O.W. Lee, the recommendations made were spot on and we are honored to partner with them, selling their patio line. It makes complete sense that a multi-generational family owned company would partner with another.


Rust resistant metal, vibrant and weatherproof fabrics, a variety of structures and types to fit all needs, style and design to match any desired look, the list of features that we find in O.W. Lee’s furniture could continue for pages more. From swivel rocking chairs to loveseats to fire pits, there are a number of ways you can outfit your entire outdoors from a single line they offer. They also provide detailed care and cleaning instructions along with a fairly extensive warranty for their products. They assure quality and are confident in that quality.


There are several ways our company overlaps with O.W. Lee in what is vital and important to how we do business. They are focused on the use of sustainable materials and energy conservation as much as possible. The quality of their materials and building means their products can be refinished and used through multiple generations in multiple ways. Many of their processes are done by hand, for refinement and because, in many cases, that is the best way to do the work.


Quality is first and foremost of importance to O.W. Lee. Their use of carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum bring strength and rust resistance to their pieces. Just as important is the depth and structure these materials bring, in a manner of support and in appearance. The fabric used is of the best outdoor quality, meaning colors that will stay vibrant and tailoring that is custom made for your furniture to fit perfectly.

Their craftsmanship and devotion to quality makes this partnership with O.W. Lee perfect for us at Furniture Source International. Our showroom feels a little more complete with their items on display, at least until you come in to take them to your home. To see more of what we have to offer, visit us today.