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Valerie’s Top Picks for July

The history of our business is family and that extends to our Furniture Source International team. Our team cares as much about finding the perfect pieces for your home as we do and cherish the special details everything we carry has. Although we love everything on our showroom floor, every one of us has a few special favorites we love to see taken to the homes of the family and friends who walk through our doors.

Leather Items

This month, Valerie’s chose her favorite leather pieces on our showroom floor for the versatility they possess. Imagining the needs of a family, the Baltimora sectional provides luxurious seating for a family, but can also adapt to a game room or smaller footprint setting by removing a section later on. When wanting to kick back and put your feet up, the Maryland sectional or individual pieces have a frame and size perfect for anyone. If you don’t have the room for a full sectional, the Antigone chair is the perfect leather accent piece to complete any bedroom or living room seating area. The leather furniture is truly versatile, both in design and in the product itself. The more frequently the leather is used, from curling up to read a book or catching a movie with the family, the more supple and soft the leather our will become.


1. Baltimora Sectional 2. Maryland Sectional 3. Antigone Chair


Wood Furniture

Thinking beyond the traditional, Valerie appreciates the use of both wood and metal in the Landon coffee table which comes in either rectangular or square options. Seeing the reclaimed wood and old metal used together for something polished and new not only provides a beautiful piece, but also piques the interest of anyone who sees it, on our showroom floor or in the home of our customers. One of Valerie’s favorites, the Gabrielle dining table, with its smaller footprint and gorgeous craftsmanship, makes a statement in any dining room. The romantic Ariel bed or traditional Bardot bed is perfect for any bedroom, and both provide style and sophistication. Many of the wood pieces are appreciated by Valerie because of their ability to transition from bedroom to living room to entry way storage with grace and ease. Specifically, the lines of the Ariel dresser and footprint of the Tolland tables provide options for these heirloom pieces. And while you may not think a piece of furniture, especially a console, could be deemed sexy, Valerie insists that the Evangeline console is the sexiest piece in the store.


1. Gabrielle Dining Table 2. Beckett Coffee Table (Landon look-alike) 3. Ariel Bed 4. Bardot Bed 5. Ariel Dresser 6. Tolland Table 7. Evangeline Console



While walking around the showroom with or without a new customer, there is much to catch the eye of our team. Because the showroom is constantly shifting based on new items and new staging, a fresh approach means new favorites on a regular basis. The sunshine of summer is here and with the warm breezes that cross our state, you may need a lighter fragrance with hints of citrus and lemon to fill your home. Try one of Valerie’s favorites, the Lampe Berger, with a variety of Maison Berger Paris perfumes to provide a subtle intoxicating fragrant escape in a stylish wick-burning fragrance lamp. Freshening up your home with succulents or floral pieces spread throughout our showroom can freshen up your space as well. To provide a warm glow to your rooms, try one of Valerie’s favorite hand poured and customizable candles, Embers and Ashes.


1. Florals – Tulips 2. Florals – Fern 3. Embers and Ashes Candle


Our showroom is filled with more items that Valerie and our entire team love. Every day is a chance to explore and see what is to be discovered tucked away or used in a new fashion. Come by to see what your favorite items may be, today.