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From Showroom to Your Room: Storage

FSI Retailer | 30 Jun, 2020 | storage | Return|

Beloved toys that need a home. Souvenirs seeking a spot. Favorite books looking for a shelf. The perfect blanket to add to your collection. As much as design often speaks of minimal approaches to homes, the simple fact is that most of us have items that need to be stored in one way or another. The best approach, minimalist or not, is to have a designated space for the items you wish to keep, for nostalgia or for needs. Thought goes into every inch of furniture we have made at Furniture Source International and when we can make a piece that is beautiful, versatile, and functional, then we know our clients will love it as much as we do. 

Types of Storage

When ambling through our showroom, we sometimes find it challenging to label some of our pieces, especially in regards to a hutch. However these pieces are labeled, the scale and design fluctuates throughout our space, depending on the individual characteristics our custom pieces have captured. From a hutch that takes an entire wall, to a piece perfect for an apartment space, our scale varies widely. What doesn’t vary is the craftsmanship honed into every board. The reclaimed wood bares unique characteristics of its prior life, but is carefully crafted for a finished look. Many of our hutches have adjustable shelves making these pieces versatile depending on your needs. The same is true for our armoires, while manifested differently in form. These pieces often mirror wardrobes with larger doors and wider drawers. When looking for a smaller piece for storage, trunks are an option that have a lot of ways to adapt to each room they are placed in over their lives.

Location of Storage

Because of the attention to detail, the classic designs we choose, and the warmth of every piece we make, we know every piece can be used in multiple ways, in multiple rooms of a home, for multiple generations. We do the very same with these pieces and move them from spot to spot, reimagining the possibilities of use and design before a client takes them home. An armoire, once resigned to holding both hanging and folded clothes can feature a shelf making it a slim option for an entertainment center or a desk with the right adaptations. Without changing the piece itself, this can be used in every room of the house, even as a linen closet if the right bathroom presented itself. Our hutches are a classic version of the popular wall units that provide much of what a family needs in their living room, with hidden storage behind doors and exposed shelving for favorite display items. However, a hutch can be easily transformed to kitchen storage for cookbooks, treasured dishes, and other touches to make a kitchen feel more like a gathering space for many. And the needs a hutch fulfills make it well suited for a bedroom space as well. A trunk is well suited for storing soft toys or your newest throw pillow from our showroom as well, but can also serve as a resting place for a coffee table book in the living room or end of the hallway storage for bedrooms or bathrooms. The mindfulness we have in repurposing the wood for our furniture carries over to the mindfulness we have in repurposing furniture for multiple spaces.


The best way to capture a hint of how much of our furniture can be used, as a home for the items in your home is a visit to our showroom paired with the knowledge of our team. By seeing these items in our space, you can begin to imagine the possibilities for your space, or spaces, for years to come. Stop in or contact us today to see for yourself.