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When Life Gives You Lemons… Grab Salt and Tequila

FSI Retailer | 29 Apr, 2020 | Puro Verde | Return|

We are always seeking a reason to celebrate. Maybe a project at a job, filled with strenuous hours of tasks and communication has finally launched. Maybe a new member of the family is set to join you through marriage, birth, or adoption. Maybe you simply want to celebrate the day for what it is, to relish in life, and to seek joy wherever it can be found. There are always things to celebrate in our life and Cinco de Mayo, when paired with our Puro Verde Tequila, is a perfect example of that.

History of Cinco de Mayo

While commonly and incorrectly labeled as the Day of Independence for Mexico, Cinco de Mayo actually has an interesting history. In 1862, Mexico was fractured and devastated by a number of factors. French forces led by Napoleon III were bearing down on the town of Pueblo in their attempt to regain the money from debts owed to them or, just as beneficial to them, to set up a territory in the region. In an unlikely turn of events, the Mexican army was able to unify and defeat the French. Today, outside of the town of Pueblo, the day is not largely celebrated, at least south of the border. Instead, marketing and word of mouth manufactured the celebration to the American population, and, well, we ran with it! In fact, the day is bigger than the Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day in regards to the consumption of beer, with 2015 showing $735 million in sales for the week of Cinco de Mayo, according to Business Insider. And that figure doesn’t even touch the tequila sales.

History of Puro Verde

Time and care are involved in doing something well and our Organic Puro Verde Tequila is no exception to that. By choosing the best ingredients, from piñas that are baked in stone ovens to enhance sweetness to using specially sources and triple filtered well water, we already have an advantage. By taking our time with the process, allowing 100% natural, fermentation to take place, despite the extra days added to the timeline, we ensure a clean and smooth experience for anyone who drinks our tequila. The commitment and sustainability standards we have for ourselves is so evident through our manufacturing process, we are certified as organic by two separate organizations.


The Puro Verde Organic Skinny Margarita

Choose your favorite glass, half salt rimming and adding ice. In a mixing glass, add 1.5 oz of Puro Verde Organic Silver or Organic Puro 110, 1 oz of Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, and .75 oz of Orange Agave Syrup (made from equal parts agave nectar and water, with orange blossom flower water to taste). Shake with ice until cold and strain into your glass, garnishing with a lime wheel.

Cranberry Daisy

Place ice in a rocks glass, rimming with salt if you choose. In a mixing glass, add 1.5 oz Puro Verde Organic Silver, 2 oz of organic, lightly sweetened or unsweetened cranberry juice, .25 oz of Fresh Squeezed lime juice, and .75 oz of Orange Agave Syrup (see above). If using unsweetened cranberry juice, you may want to increase the Agave syrup to 1-1.25 oz. Shake with ice and strain into your glass, garnishing with fresh cranberries and a lime wheel.

Our Puro Verde Tequila is proudly distributed in several local stores, including Specs and Twin Liquors. Both are happy to order over the phone and bring your tequila directly to your vehicle for prompt and courteous service.

Stocking Your Bar

Every celebration should be perfect, whether it’s enjoying the end of a day on your back patio or preparing for dinner in the future with those you love. Little touches of a new set of copper drinkware, the perfect mixing glass, a cheese board, or a serving tray can elevate your day. We want to help you put your own touch on the little details you can add to your memory-making. From new textures to unique colors to trying something new, your celebration is yours. If you contact us, knowing what you are looking for, we can assist in your purchase and bring your products directly to your trunk or passenger side. We want to serve you in celebrating the days ahead, whether they are Cinco de Mayo or our own Independence Day or everything in between and ahead.

Our Tequila and our furniture are made with care and take time. The craftsmanship is vital to making something quality and that is imperative to us. To learn more, contact us today.