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On our travels, both for Furniture Source International and for our own enjoyment, we see artisans hard at work, perfecting their craft, and passing skills down to the next generation. We wish we could work alongside them, learning how to throw pottery or weave patterns into rugs. Since we don’t have an unlimited amount of time for travel or for learning, we rely on partnerships with other companies, like Jaunty Rugs, leaning on their expertise and beautiful work.
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For many homes, the entryway serves multiple purposes. From the first impression guests get to a place where conversation can linger far beyond our first goodbyes, the entryway is a space of transition. Whether coming or going, this often overlooked part of the home can serve a number of purposes and functions, as well as being a gorgeous place for you to style. With so many options at Furniture Source International, in regards to pieces, scale, and design, our team can help you in making your e...
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